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RDS Day 17 • 11.10.17

New Orleans, Louisiana // Laundry Day

Very late start today. After fighting with my alarm clock I finally got up and met the guys at Stumptown again, where I proceeded to spill my coffee all over myself, though I did not get a drop on my white shirt! Clean reflexes!

Then we went for a much longer than expected walk to do our laundry.

The laundromat ended up actually being an old recording studio, having produced artists such as Little Richard and Fats Domino!

Now it’s a wash and fold ... 😔

Cam & I went to Cafe Du Monde to try their famous beignets. Very nice!

Grabbed a coffee from Spitfire Coffee (another good roaster) as a marching band casually went past.

Then back to the hotel & past this rad place covered in skeletons and ghosts.

All the colours of the tech rainbow.

Black to dark green.

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