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RDS Day 16 • 10.10.17

New Orleans, Louisiana // Day Off

Went out and got coffee for the boys at Stumptown Coffee before meeting up for breakfast.

Had a bit of a stroll around the French Quarter, checking out the voodoo shops.

Found this awesome brass band busking in the street, soon joined by an albino rastefarian fella with a djembe.

Then back to the hotel for a bit of a break from the heat.

Got a bit over budgets and emails, and headed back out to see Armstrong Park and a record store, that sadly ended up being closed.

Do I want to leave? NOPSI! 😊

Legit gas lanterns

I got myself some more comfy pants from Forever 21, not in green. Cause all my pants are green? Then went to dinner, we went to a place first that was a bust before heading to a real local dive that was really good.

Then with some suggestions from Ross (TCE) we went to some legit jazz club on Frenchman St. We hit up the spotted cat for s bit before heading back into the French quarter to hit up some bars.

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