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RDS Day 09 • 03.10.17

San Diego // Day Off

Laundry day!

Met up with Can first thing, had some breakfast and washed some clothes.

Aside from one shirt, it was all black.

At breakfast it couldn't have been more American, obviously. But when I asked to have two less pancakes than the four they were going to serve I was told, oh no they won't do that. I said I'm just not going to eat them ... it's fine we'll just throw them away after. Oh good. Solid mentality.

I only drink beverages that match my outfit.

Went for a detour past the hardware store to get some more straps for the trailer, then more sock shopping (obviously) before heading back to the ball park to have some juice and chill.

Back to the hotel I did some more yoga, which didn't hurt as much as yesterday so that's a win & then emails for SC.

Whilst lusting over these new Girl desks covered in Eames furniture!

Went and got some Japanese that was amazing, before coming back to the hotel to try and write some music for Robot.

2am bus call

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