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RDS Day 08 • 02.10.17

San Diego // Day Off

Petco Park, home of San Diego Padres.

Great coffee & a killer avocado toast.

Solid Bobs Burgers reference

Finally sent a letter for Mum I was meant to sent a few months ago.

Really cool old theatre sadly being torn down, at least on the inside.

Met up with Nam & Jimmy, grabbed another coffee & the band card before heading out to get supplies from some music stores.

Really wanted a bigger midi keyboard which would have been great in the studio at home, but it was just too big to fit in my suitcase, so the mini one will do. Probably better for my hotel room writing... if my laptop wants to play ball yet?

Got a bit of writing done before doing some yoga and meditation for the first time in a long while. Back to square one it feels like sadly. Some very sore and uncomfortable joints and muscles. I think I'd rather do a full load in and out of the show, it's less painful.

Cold pizza in the hotel room with some Netflix.

Found the most amazing sock store ever on my walk ... I used intense self control to only buy two pairs.

They had the biggest Stance selection I'd ever seen... it was difficult.

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