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RDS Day 05 • 29.09.17

Oakland // Fox Theatre Show #2

Took a pretty long Uber trip out to a Nike store to try and get some shoes that wouldn't leave my feet in agony by the end of the day. Sadly it was a bit of a bust, only horrible fluro shoes available in size 10 apparently.

But I did of course get socks!

Went to the venue & had my second or third coffee of the morning. Went for a walk & found a local pop up shoe shop.

See how long it takes me to loose these, even with my grandpa strap.

Lost my other pair this morning ...

That's a pair per tour so far I think.

Awesome Oakland coffe & a snicker doodle.

Soundcheck day 2.

Lots of waiting around before show today, all went well tonight. Couple of technical things but ended up being nice & smooth.

Then back on the bus to drive to San Diego for an early start at a festival.

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