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RDS Day 01 • 25.09.17

Perth > Melbourne > Los Angeles

Weird flight, not sure if I slept or what happened? Delayed departure out of Melbourne, so got a few hours to wait around.

Impressively loud snoring Asian man on the floor behind me.

Met up with Matt (Lights) who got us into the First Class Lounge. Had some good avocado on toast & a back massage.

Sometimes touring isn't too bad.

Got upgraded to the top level which was nice, had a bit more space.

Quick shower at the hotel and then off to the warehouse to prep and build.

Acoustically treated testing room

Nerding out over this cable tester

Back to the hotel, crashed out & woke up just before midnight, went across the street to Ralph's where half the store was covered in builders plastic, but I got some snacks & headed back to catch up on emails

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